OVERWATCH Halloween Terror 2017 - Reaper 'Dracula' Character Skin

A character skin created for OVERWATCH by Blizzard.
This skin is part of the 2017 'Halloween Terror' event.

Great fun to work on such an iconic character skin. I'm super thrilled that it features so prominently in the event!

Stefan Polster - Character Artist

Base model and all other work by Blizzard Entertainment.

© 2017, Blizzard Entertainment

Stefan polster dracula reaper top
Stefan polster vamp splash copy

Dracula vs. Van Helsing! McCree by Kristen Perry.

Stefan polster dracula repaer f b
Stefan polster vamp closeup
Stefan polster vamp emotes
Stefan polster vamp rest

Overwatch Seasonal Event | Overwatch Halloween Terror 2017

Reaper - Dracula - Overwatch 2017 Halloween Skin Spotlight