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Speed Sculpts
A small selection of speed sculpts done in Zbrush.
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Swamp Dragon inspired by Paul Kidby's Discworld Illustrations
Sculpting time: 1 hour

Swamp Dragon Timelapse
Swamp Dragon Turntable

Silence (Dr. Who)
Sculpting time (incl. polypaint): 1 hour 20 minutes
Silence Timelapse
Silence Turntable

Bulldog Bunny
Sculpting time (incl. polypaint): 2 hours
Bulldog Bunny Turntable

White Clown based on the "House of Mirth" Illustration by Paul Kidby
Sculpting time (incl. polypaint): 1 hour
White Clown Timelapse
White Clown Turntable

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